Omega-3 Oils Fight Air Pollution Damage

Air pollution is a world-wide problem affecting billions of people.  Rich and poor countries alike suffer the consequences of poor quality air.  Besides the direct impact on the environment, human health is also affected.  Scientist have known for a long time that certain diseases of the heart and lungs are linked to breathing in toxic air.  However, they are now seeing links to other diseases such as mental illness, diabetes, kidney disease, and premature births.

In a new study, researches have found that supplements of healthy fats such as Omega-3 fatty acids (OFAs), may provide protection from these harmful effects.  The study on mice, demonstrated that OFAs can both prevent and treat the inflammation and oxidative damage caused by polluted air.  It can reduce the harm to our bodies by 30-50%.

The research also reveals that we may not know the extent of the damage to our bodies that polluted air can inflict.  Toxic particles enter the lungs, and from there they can penetrate to other major organs such as the brain, liver, and kidneys.

The health benefits of consuming omega fatty acids are many, and have been known for a long time.  Incorporating these beneficial oils into the diet would be fairly easy.  Flax seed, hemp and fish are all rich sources, and supplements are an option as well.

The elimination of air pollution is a difficult process, and in some countries it is only getting worse.  A solution to this problem may not happen for many years.  We all need air to breathe, therefore avoiding toxic air may be next to impossible for many.  With this discovery, at least people can protect their bodies and prevent damage by simply including these beneficial oils in their diet.




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