Healing Powers of the Mind

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been interested in how the human body works.  The brain is a complex, and in some ways, a mysterious organ, which is still not fully understood.   So when I came across a book called, CURE: A Journey into the Science of Mind Over Body, I knew I had to read it.

Can we heal ourselves?  That is the question this book, written by Jo Marchant , tries to answer.  It’s an interesting topic, the ideology of which is unconventional in the science world.  Ms. Marchant however, highlights personal stories, as well as solid research to provide evidence of this fascinating phenomenon.

Ms. Marchant is not only a science journalist, she is a scientist.  She has a PhD in genetics and medical microbiology from St. Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical College in London, and a degree in science communication from Imperial College, also in London.

One of the topics she explores in her book is placebos. Despite being a fake pill, people who take them experience the same, if not better results in many cases.  She also talks about hypnosis, meditation, and alternative medicine.  All of these methods have been found to have positive effects by many people, but are considered quackery by proponents of traditional western medicine.

The evidence presented in this book may change people’s views, and in turn may one day change how certain conditions are treated.  We are just beginning to understand how powerful the mind can be.

With all of the positive reviews, I’m sure this book will be a great read.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what Ms. Marchant has to say, and being the skeptic that I am, maybe even digging a little deeper to find out more!




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